About InnovativBank

Our Vision

Since our inception, InnovativBank has focused on shaping the future of global financial markets. Our innovative approach allows for effective integration of financial technology solutions for financial institutions and markets around the world. 

Institutions rely on InnovativBank to drive the evolution of fintech. We bring together platforms across multiple fintech areas to solve issues and work to effect changes that transform markets to the benefit of all participants. We help shape tomorrow’s financial markets for what's next.

Who We Are

Financial institutions must respond faster to innovation. InnovativBank leverages the power of fintech to help financial institutions achieve sustained advantages. Our fintech technologies convert the disruptive power of fintech into more efficient, innovative, and agile operations for institutions.

Our company includes seasoned financial and technology professionals. We have strategic partners in various regions. This enables us to deliver the leading fintech solutions to banks, stock exchanges, hedge funds, private equity firms, governments, international financial centers, and other financial institutions worldwide.

InnovativBank operates in financial markets globally, including the United States, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates. We have partners that work with us in deploying our technology solutions, including Amazon Web Services and the United States Commercial Service. InnovativBank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global ReEnergy Holdings