InnovativBank applies innovative fintech solutions to streamline and improve financial processes in markets worldwide. Our solutions drive market innovations. We are committed to continuous product innovation and we create value for financial institutions through disciplined development and execution of unique fintech platform solutions. 

InnovativBank™ Blockchain

The InnovativBank™ Blockchain offers blockchain-based solutions for enterprises globally. Our network of blockchain expertise, advanced operational tooling, and end-to-end solutions help companies realize the power of blockchain. 

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Digital Trade Finance Exchange

The InnovativBank™ Digital Trade Finance Exchange is powered by an industry leading electronic platform for the transacting of trade finance. It provides an efficient and flexible platform to transact across multi-trillion dollar trade finance asset classes within one digital platform. The Exchange allows corporations, banks, asset managers, and hedge funds to trade risk and invest in trade finance assets, including receivables, payables, and letters of credit. 

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Smart Lending

The InnovativBank™ Smart Lending Platform offers the industry-leading data science-driven lending platform which improves the speed, cost, and access to capital available to small/medium size enterprises (SMEs). Over 1,000+ data points are evaluated through the platform to create an accurate business credit profile. To date, the platform has originated over $1 billion in commercial financing to more than 19,000 SMEs, with a loan loss rate of less than 1.5%. Our streamlined funding model is specifically designed to further reduce a financial institution's risk by our company covering the loan losses.

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Trade Process Digitization

Digitally capture and manage all documents throughout the entire trade cycle. The Digital Trade Document Management Platform (DTDM) allows companies to increase their productivity by digitizing all of their trade documents from multiple counterparties, and seamlessly deliver these documents to the bank. The platform is a completely integrated end-to-end solution, bundled with a content repository that securely stores all of a company’s documents related to their export/import operations from multiple parties. 

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